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New minisite: book covers

Since I wrote tapi­ta to au­to­mat­i­cal­ly cre­ate book cov­er­s, it was ab­surd­ly easy to turn it in­to a site where you can cre­ate book cov­er­s.

So, you can go to Cov­er­s.ralsi­ and cre­ate book cov­er­s.

Fun part: this is the whole back­end for the site:

from json import loads
from tapita import Cover
from io import BytesIO
import base64

def handle(req):
    """handle a request to the function
        req (str): request body

        "title": "foo",
        "subtitle": "bar",
        "author": "bat",
        args = loads(req)
    except Exception:
        return "Bad Request", 400

    c = Cover(**args)
    byte_arr = BytesIO(), format="JPEG")

    return (
        f'<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64, {base64.b64encode(byte_arr.getvalue()).decode("utf-8")}">',
        {"Content-Type": "text/html"},

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