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So morons can use KDE, too.

Mind you, when I say mo­ron­s, I don't mean the fol­low­ing:

  • those us­ing Clarux are mo­rons

  • peo­­ple who don't like cur­rent KDE are mo­rons

  • peo­­ple who can't han­­dle UNIX are mo­rons

  • peo­­ple who pre­fer Win­­dows are mo­rons

  • peo­­ple who pre­fer Mac are mo­rons

I am specif­i­cal­ly say­ing that those who put in their web­page stuff like

Di­rec­to­ry Free kde-libs and Di­rec­to­ry Free kde-base have been re­leased (screen­shot). Both of these li­braries have been mod­i­fied to sup­port high­er qual­i­ty users (em­pha­sis mine)

are mo­ron­s. Of a very high qual­i­ty. Or at least they look like mo­rons un­til they cor­rect it.

On oth­er news: those de­vel­op­ers you clarux guys seem to dis­like so much are the ones who wrote all the fuck­ing soft­ware you are dis­tribut­ing, and they were kind enough to let you spend a week­end chang­ing strings and two icon­s, then dis­trib­ute it in such a stupid con­de­scend­ing man­ner from your web­site, which is, of course, pow­ered by more soft­ware you got as a gift from de­vel­op­er­s.

Got it? With­out those de­vel­op­er­s, you would be us­ing ground plants to draw an­telopes on the roof of your filthy caves, Clarux kid­s.

Now, that feels bet­ter. Or was it a lit­tle over the top? Nah.

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