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I believe there is a problem

Yes­ter­day I was spammed by a new age por­tal called Por­talmi­co. The name is strange, since in span­ish (their lan­guage) it means "Mon­key Por­tal", but that the heck, af­ter adding me to the Face­book group they want­ed me to join, post­ing they are spam­mer­s, then leav­ing, I start­ed to think...

What ex­act­ly both­ers me about these guys? And de­cid­ed to en­ter their por­tal and see what was await­ing me be­hind the gates.

Ap­par­ent­ly these guys are heav­i­ly in­to 2012. How­ev­er, they don't ex­pect the end of the world, but a "cos­mic awak­en­ing" and they call this event "im­por­tant to the whole galaxy". This seems to be caused be­cause of a pe­cu­liar­i­ty of the mayan cal­en­dar. Whoa. And I thought the guys at Stop, unix time! were over­do­ing it.

One would be tempt­ed to ask, if mayans were so awe­some, how come their civ­i­liza­tion was such a mess? 1

But that's not it. That's not what both­ers me. Brain­less ado­ra­tion of poor peo­ple who did their best to live their lives 600 years ago is not such a ter­ri­ble thing, (even if it is not the smartest thing ev­er). What both­ers me is the creduli­ty.

Let's see...

You will be hard pressed to find a post there that's scored less than 8 in a 1/10 scale, so al­most ev­ery­one seems to agree that all these things ex­ist/ are true.

In fac­t, the on­ly thing that came to mind that noone there seems to be­lieve in is hid­den mes­sages in the Torah and big­foot, but maybe I just did­n't look cor­rect­ly.

So, I think I now know what both­ers me. The lack of taste. If you be­lieve ev­ery­thing, you be­lieve noth­ing in par­tic­u­lar. If you ac­cept ev­ery­thing, you are not look­ing for truth. If you hold all things equal, noth­ing is spe­cial.

I find the per­spec­tive of a world where ev­ery­thing can be true, ev­ery­thing has the same val­ue, ev­ery­thing is the same... des­per­ate.

These peo­ple sound des­per­ate. They sound like they are adrift at sea and try to hold to any pass­ing twig, be it a crys­tal, a drowned con­ti­nen­t, or a char­la­tan.

Dear fel­lows at por­talmi­co: the on­ly thing that make life worth liv­ing is peo­ple. Yes, peo­ple. Not god, not mayan prophe­cies, not an­gel­s. Peo­ple.

Go out, meet some­one, have a nice life. What hap­pens af­ter that, if it is to hap­pen at al­l, will do so any­way. Be good to peo­ple, and trust that god (if he ex­ist­s) is worth any­thing and will wel­come you to his best con­do, be­cause if he does­n't... well, he was not re­al­ly worth ador­ing any­way.

So, I think I come out of this div­ing in­to non­sense with a clear­er, if a bit sad­der mind. Yes, they are spam­mer­s. Yes, they be­lieve child­ish fan­tasies. I hope they get bet­ter.


Come on, 80% of skele­tons show­ing signs of se­vere ane­mi­a? That's bad! See here


"This process al­lows us to by­pass the il­lu­sion of our tridi­men­sion­al re­al­i­ty..."


"... the lemuri­ans lived in a fre­quen­cy match­ing the Fifth Di­men­sion (5D)..."


"...­cleans­ing and clear­ing can in­clude mem­o­ries and trau­mas from pre­vi­ous rein­car­na­tion­s..."


From the dic­tio­nary: "be­lief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hy­poth­e­sis would be sub­stan­ti­at­ed by fac­t." . At least I think they mean that def­i­ni­tion of faith. I sure­ly hope they are not say­ing they have "con­fi­dence" in god?

Pablo Tilotta / 2009-03-23 00:31:


Ver todo blanco es tan peligroso como ver todo negro.

Que hayas visto muchas afirmaciones y creencias en ese sitio, es precisamente porque estamos en la busqueda como todo el mundo.

Además, obviamente no vamos a publicar lo que NO CREEMOS... asi que no CREEMOS en todo como tu dices.

Si te fijas en el STAFF, hay gente muy honorable que ha dedicado su vida al estudio de estas cosas...

Por ultimo.. y como dice OSHO... manten la duda en tu mente... solo cuando experimentes las cosas puedes convertirlas en Sabiduria...

Te invito a pensar y a no agredir por el solo hecho de que no te guste nuestra actividad.


Roberto Alsina / 2009-03-23 01:31:

Ajá. Creen en OSHO también.

En qué específicamente no creen? Un ejemplo.

Si te pareció agresivo, no entendiste nada, nada, nada.

Pablo Tilotta / 2009-04-11 02:42:

Yo particularmente no creo en DIOS, coincido en OSHO al respecto.

Dotar a la inteligencia y energia vital del universo de Personalidad y EGO fue un gran error de las religiones.

Inventaron a un sujeto de barba blanca y observando todo lo que sucede, castigando y premiando como un gran Juez.

La divinidad y amor universal carece de personalidad y es impersonal... no tiene forma ni está pendiente de nuestras acciones...


Marco Mustapic / 2009-04-24 18:28:

Ah, sí, Osho, que desde su comuna en Oregon vaticinaba el fin del mundo. Desde donde sus seguidores infectaron con salmonella varios restaurants para poder ganar elecciones locales.

Roberto, como dicen en la película Religulous, "faith is making a virtue out of not thinking"

Roberto Alsina / 2009-04-24 18:48:

@Marco: siempre se aprende algo nuevo.

Me encantó la parte de "la fuerza de paz Rajneeshpuram" exhibiendo armas semiautomáticas.

Apuesto plata a que la gente de este "portal" o no sabe nada de esto, o cree que es un invento.

Marco Mustapic / 2009-04-24 19:32:

El "lider" de un capítulo de los Simpsons está inspirado en Osho, a quienes sus fieles querían comprarle un Rolls Royce para cada día del año.

Es como siempre, en occidente las filosofías orientales venden, son un ideal espiritual que no hay que alcanzar, sino admirar.

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