Eating like a Python, for Python, and other stuff

I am now almost recovered from the trip to Santa Fe for the Jornada Python and I have reached a few conclussions.

  1. I do kinda miss my old city.
  2. It does take slightly longer than 15 minutes to show it ;-)
  3. This kind of events is cool
  4. I am old, and can no longer take a 6-hour bus ride and then go to work.

On more detail:

The city is much prettier than it was when I left 5 years ago. Lots of construction going on, everything is cleaner, nicer, and more organized, it seems.

Man, I had forgotten how great you can eat there. And how cheaply. Remember I mentioned that fish-eating place? Well, it's only $22. That's pesos. So, it's about 7 dollars for all the delicious fish you can eat, and all the cold beer you can drink.

Which in my case is quite a lot. Although I am getting slow on the beer, too.

The only bad thing about it is that the guys that went on Sunday got Pacú and we didn't. Dammit!

Then there is the Sociedad Alemana. The ugliest place ever. The best picada [1] ever. It's a clubhouse founded by a former Graf Spee crewman. If they eat like that on the german navy, I would consider joining. And I get seasick.

Oh, and the lebanese restaurant. I was forgetting that.

Of course all this eating and imbibing also meant I missed half the event, but the morning conferences were introductory, so I got the good bits anyway.

Specially: I now understand metaclasses! and decorators! Yipee!

We had a good time with Rosario, she got to know better some of my friends, specially Javier and César [aka Ned Flanders] (and Cesar's family, Norma, Florencia and Julian).

We took a ride over the costanera (a riverwalk), peppered with comments like this (all dates are wrong):

Here was the Piedras Blancas beach, until the flood of 87.

That's where the old train bridge was until the flood of 69, then there was a liftchair, until the flood of 82.

That suspension bridge is not the original, which was washed off in 83 (and then stolen)

This piece of the costanera is new, the old one was gone in 78

And so on. You see, this place is... kinda floody. Architecture is not a permanent thing.

On yet another angle, I am going back to school next year. I don't intend to finish my Maths degree, but will go for System Engineering instead. We'll see what happens.

[1] We had the german style picada. That means plates of potato salad, smoked ham, three different sausages, leverwurst, pickles, three cheeses, and a sausage cazuela. The classic Santa Fe style picada may include any of those plus meatballs, milanesa (schnitzel-like thing), chips, olives, lupines (a kind of pickled bean), small sandwiches, and a hundred other things. All that in small pieces, ready to eat with fingers and/or toothpicks. All salty. So you get extra beer.


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