Silly description of internal state

As mentioned before I am speaking about KDE today in a congress.

I always get very jittery when I have to speak to an audience. Which, to someone that teaches 3 or 6 3-hour classes a week, is pretty stressing.

On one hand, I am pretty sure I can speak about the life of crabs for two hours and have the people thank me on the way out. I am pretty good at this.

On the other hand, I have a tendency to underprepare when it's a once-off affair (like today).

I don't like using slideshows, so I just hook my comp. to the screen and start speaking.

I don't have notes.

I don't have a set of points planned.

So, every time I speak, it is a different thing. Which is good. But it makes me very nervous.

What will happen if today I fail to figure out what to say? What happens if I come 20 minutes short? Well, nothing happens, I just stretch the Q&A section a bit and let them go get free food earlier.

But it still makes me nervous.


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