Strange weekend

I am powerless. I mean, I have no power. I mean I have no electricity!

It seems I forgot to pay a bill (although I do have the latest one, and it says I owe nothing), and the power guys came friday and shut it off.

No big deal, I can pay it on monday, but what happens in the weekend... well, I am not going to let a USD 12 bill get me annoyed, so I decided to move to a hotel for the weekend.

Mind you, a cheap hotel, but it's clean, has cable tv and breakfast is included. And someone else changes the sheets for clean ones.

So, I did. What do you know, the hotel is full of interesting people one meets over breakfast. And I have the right way to get a conversation rolling:

Me: Where are you from?

Tourist: Colombia/Mexico/Brazil/Netherlands/Whatever. How about you?

Me: I live 5 blocks from here, but I think they cut my electricity by mistake, and am staying here for the weekend.

You can, I suppose, imagine where that goes.

Coming tomorrow or next day, a picture of the hotel's wall-embedded TV remote. You won't believe it.


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