Creating Languages For Dummies


I don't have the usual programmer's education. I studied maths, and then dropped out of that, and am mostly self-taught. So, there are some parts of programming I always saw wearily, thinking to myself that I really should go to school to learn them. One remarkable such area is parsing and implementing languages.

Well... sure, school is always a good idea, but this is not that hard. In this article I will explain how to go from nothing to a functioning, extensible language, using Python and PyParsing. If you are as scared of grammars, parsers and all that jazz as I used to be, come along, it's pretty simple,

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    The world building is very interesting, and there are some very funny parts, but it doesn't really work for me. I can see how some may like it much more than me, there are lots of things to like in it.

So, Things Happened.

Turns out I got my computer stolen in November 8th, 2015, and that meant I had to restore this site from backup, which was also stolen. So, oops?

However, it turns out that if you wait a year and a half and then spend a few hours munging bits from the published site into a 3-years-older backup, it's possible to "decompile" a Nikola-based site back into a working site. Or at least a site with the same number of posts as the "old" site had. Which is something, right?

Still need to check for dead links, and I lost the "originals" of a bunch of images from trips, but nothing terrible.

Will I write again? Who knows. But at least if I don't it's because I don't want to.